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On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by a series of disasters, an earthquake, a tsunami ...

The affected area is so vast that it is not a city or a region, but much of the country.

The damage is on a scale so large that it will take considerable time to rebuild the lives of victims.

Our association was created just after the earthquake. Its purpose is purely charitable. We want to provide sustained support to those who need it.

The activities of Solidarité Japon 34 are based in two main areas:

1. Organize and/or support any charitable events and activities that will provide assistance to victims.
2. Provide information to the French on the damage caused by the disaster and the lives of victims.

We are all volunteers.
If you agree with our call and want to support us, you can:

1. Become an active member of the association by paying the annual fee of 10 euro per person or 20 euro per family.

2. Become a sustaining member of the association by paying a fee in the amount of your choice.
This contribution provides the operating expenses of the association and organization events.
Any portion not used will be sent as a donation.

3. Donate by sending a check payable to Solidarité Japon 34. The funds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross for distribution directly to affected areas.

Forms are available in each mode of participation below (download)
Membership Form
Donation form

Please fill out one of these forms, or both if you wish, and send it along with a separate check for each form to the address indicated.

For more information,
Email: equipe.asj34@gmail.com
Website: www.solidaritejapon.org
Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/solidaritejapon34

Thank you for your solidarity and your support.


The team of the Association Solidarité Japon 34

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