Thanks to the generosity of everyone, we have organized many events and raised funds that have been sent to Japan.

Here is the report for donations for the years 2014/2015

Here are reports of the association's actions and the funds we were able to raise at each.

Report of donations to date 2013

¤ In 2011
-14,436 € sent to the Japanese Red Cross. (site in Japanese and English)
-1,288 € (purchase of posters) to the benefit of the Fukko-no-Noroshi Project based in Kamaishi (Iwate Prefecture). Fukko no noroshi 復興の狼煙プロジェクト (in Japanese and English)

¤ In 2012
-1,035€ to the benefit of the Ashinaga Foundation (あしなが育英会 The donation was sent to contribute to the construction of the « Tohoku Rainbow House » support for children affected by the disaster.
-1,017€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net NPO

¤ En 2013
-431€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net NPO for the Santa Fund
-439€ au profit de la Ville de Natori, Fukko Zakura
-86€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net NPO for the membership of ASJ34
-2,000€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net NPO for the Santa Fund
-2,000€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net NPO for the Kirikiri Nursery Project
-500€ was sent to the Tono Magokoro Net for the 100 Santas Project
-919,91€ sous forme d’achat de produits locaux de soutien et dons libre dans le Tohoku
-2000€ à CO-OP Fukushima Projet Kodomo Hoyo

1st Report of Donations
2nd Report of Donations

And here are the reports of transfers we have made to charities in Japan.

  • 1er Rapport de transfert (receipt n°1, receipt n°2)
  • 2nd Rapport de transfert de dons
  • 3ème Rapport de transfert de dons
  • Reçu de l'Association Ashinaga
  • Tonomagokoro Association Receipt of Payment
  • We will do our best to continue to organize events and ...
    Again thank you all for your participation and generosity.

    Our operation "A card for Japan" : messages for the disaster victims

    To provide moral support to the victims, we have invented the operation "A card for Japan." It is important to let them know that we have not forgotten them, as the months go by.
    The postcard is a simple traditional way to send a message. Several illustrators have volunteered to draw postcards for this operation: Lena, Didier Millotte and Klem.
    These cards are offered to visitors at the association's events. The visitor then writes a message on one of the cards, which the association translates into Japanese and sends to the Tohoku region, and keeps the other as a souvenir.
    More than 200 residents of the Hérault and elsewhere have written a message of support to the people of Tohoku in their own words.
    Through this action we want to continue to develop the human link between our department of the Hérault and the Tohoku region.
    As a symbol, we have chosen to add to the card drawn by illustrator Lena this Japanese sentence


    which is an approximate translation of the quotation by Antoine de St.Exupéry

    «Loving ... is looking in the same direction together»

    The Fukkô no Noroshi Project (A Beacon Of Rebirth)

    Mid-August 2013, the ASJ34 team discovered the internet project Fukko no Noroshi, « A Beacon Of Rebirth ». ( for the English version).

    Created in April in Japan, these posters are a direct message in Japanese and English from the inhabitants of villages in the disaster area.
    Looking at all these pictures, all these faces, all these lives marked by disaster of March 11, each of us was touched by an image, a particular sentence or the whole project.

    To honor all those affected villagers who, once again, have shown their dignity in the face of the tragedy, refusing to feel sorry for themselves, we have decided to help spread this campaign in France.

    We contacted the creators of the project to show them our support and offered to take care of making French versions of the posters. The proposal was met with enthusiasm and so we translated them into French.

    If you want to support this project too and help the victims of Otsuchi and Kamaishi you can buy one or more posters from our Association. Each poster is on sale at a price of 10 euros. All profits are donated to the villagers themselves to help in the reconstruction.

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