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Born thirty years ago in Reims, Klem is an illustrator to his soul. Self-taught, he was inspired very young by the generation of artists lurking in the French comic anthology "Métal Hurlant" and the more classic graphic novels, yet still open to the growing flood of mangas. His style is steeped in these various cultures.

His favorite subjects are science fiction and fantasy in general. In 2009 he moved over to graphic novels and radically changed his style and subject matter with his first comic/manga: SATORI (published by Humanoïdes Associés), a fictional biography of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Along with writer Niko they interwove real-life episodes of the master and his most famous pupil, Morihiro Saito, and filled in the unknown areas of his life with historical fantasy sequences. Basing the book on a huge amount of documentation work, they were to determined to overturn many of the misconceptions, revealing the unexpected violence of the discipline in the no less violent context of Japan at that time.

In early 2011, he character-designed "Seigneurs de Guerre" (Warlords), a European format action-based SF-influenced graphic novel in collaboration with Studio Elyum for Glénat Publishing.

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Didier Millotte
He has had over twenty books published by Nathan Bayard, Dupuis, Larousse, Fleurus, Farel, Hatier, Lito, Milan, Dumont, Cabardès and Carabas.
Graphic novels for young readers, a prose novel written for Milan, comics, books, illustrated documentaries, a tourist guide for the city of Montpellier. He has hosted numerous workshops in schools and libraries around the theme of comics and illustration, conducted graphic novel workshops Cameroon, Central African Republic, Quebec and Kenya for short periods, and spent 2 years teaching drawing at the Ipesaa school of applied arts, Montpellier.
He currently lives and works in Montpellier.
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Léna Sayaphoum
Sayaphoum Lena was born in 1989 in Montpellier in the South of France. Drawing has always been at the heart of her interests and passions.

It was therefore inevitable that early on she decided on a career dedicated to graphic art, developing her techniques independently but always inspired by artistes such as James Jean, Peter de Seve, Benjamin Lacombe ...

In parallel with traditional drawing, Lena trained in 2D and 3D graphics at a specialized school and training center where she had the opportunity to broaden her skills to creating concept art, 3D modeliing, texture rendering ...

Enriched by this experience and fed by her passion, she is now evolving her work to create her own intense, dreamlike universe.

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